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7th June - England v USA - Polo In Park - London

8th June - England v New Zeland - Golden Jubilee Trophy - Beaufort

22 June - England Ladies v Argentina  - Diamond Jubilee Trophy - Cirencester

27th July - England v Argentina - Kings Coronation Cup - Windsor

27th July - Young England v Argentina - Whitbread Trophy


Company fun day out at
Polo Event
Hospitality or VIP launge

Sophisticated day out with your company at the Polo Event, relishing in hospitality sector with gourmet food and drinks, a warm and refined welcome or the exclusive luxury of a VIP lounge to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of polo.

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Previous Polo Events

Below are some previous polo events, each exuding prestige and an abundance of fun, while splendidly showcasing the beautiful sport of polo. These gatherings of equine and equestrian enthusiasts have served as a captivating stage for both seasoned professionals and budding talent. The thundering hooves, swift mallet strikes, and the camaraderie of spectators in elegant attire have made these occasions memorable. They are a testament to the timeless allure of polo, where the elegance of the game is perfectly paired with the exuberance of the event.


Polo dates back to the 6th Century BCE and its story is a fascinating one. Born from the Association who wrote the rules of the game in 1875, our connection to the sport means its heritage inspires the very design and development of our product. Its roots are grounded in our DNA and we’d love to share its story with you.

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